Prepping Your Home For Sale

One of the best ways to get a leg up on the competition before your home even hits the market is by prepping your home for sale. As a seller, it’s important to remember that your goal is to get as many buyers as possible to want to buy your home. You want to sell it. And in order to do that, you want to put your home’s best foot forward, even if that means betraying your own sense of style and decor temporarily. Buyers are going to walk through your front door and immediately have a first impression and that impression usually sticks. Ideally, you want buyers to walk into your house and be able to imagine the possibilities and what they can do with the space not think, “yikes, we do not share the same taste!”

prepping your home for Sale

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or involve major renovations – though sometimes, a few small upgrades can help sell your home. You may also want to consider hiring a professional to stage your home for sale. But if that’s not in the budget or your home is already fully upgraded, there are some easy, completely free modifications you can make to ensure that when buyers walk into your home, they’re able to see past your stuff and envision themselves living in your home. Because that’s how we get offers.

Prepping Your Home for Sale Tips & Tricks
  • TIDY UP – Clutter, dirt and dust can be distracting and detract from the home. One of the first things you’ll want to do is give the house a good cleaning then make sure to keep it neat whenever potential buyers view the home.
  • PERSONAL PHOTOS – While a few personal photos are great, having too many can be distracting and make it hard for others to visualize themselves in the home.
  • TOYS & KID’S ITEMS – Anyone who has kids knows that a lot of kiddy clutter comes with them but not everyone has little ones running around. Limit the toys to a few cute ones to make it less cluttered. Another bonus to storing some of the kids’ toys temporarily is that less clutter and mess makes the space look bigger.
  • FRIDGE CLUTTER – Remove any photos, invitations, calendars, and to-do lists from the fridge. This will make you kitchen look cleaner and bigger.
  • REMOVE EXTRA FURNITURE – If you have any furniture in a room that is there simply because there was no place to put it, put it away or store it temporarily. Overcrowded rooms make rooms look smaller and not everyone can see past that pool table you’re keeping in the dining room. Clean and simple goes a long way.
  • THE KITCHEN SINK – Keep it clean! No one wants to see dirty dishes in the sink. Keep the sink and counters clean and clutter free and put pots and pans away. A few apothecary jars with fruit or pasta are great but limit it to that.
  • COORDINATE YOUR BATHROOM – A bathroom that matches looks better, no matter the state of the fixtures. Put out fresh towels that go with the shower curtain or accessories and you’ll be surprised the difference it makes.
  • CLEAN THE CLOSET – Buyers open closet doors more often than you’d think so don’t stuff all that clutter you just cleaned up in the closet.
  • PUT AWAY COLLECTIONS – China cabinets full of collector items can be distracting to buyers, especially if it’s something they’re not interested in. A few items from your baseball collection are ok, but put the rest away until you move.

Selling a home is a lot of work but sometimes going the extra mile can really pay off. Don’t overlook the small things that could detract from how great your home is and keep you from getting offers.

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