Small Home Upgrades That Can Sell Your Home

I know, the last thing you want to do before selling you home is spend a ton of money making improvements for the next owner to enjoy. But the reality is, you are probably going to have to spruce up a few areas to make your home more appealing to perspective buyers. In some cases, it might be necessary to completely renovate a bathroom in order for your home to meet it’s selling potential. But believe it or not, most of the time, there are a few small home upgrades can sell your home.  Here are a few ideas of improvements than can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home, and help get it sold, without breaking the bank.

home upgrades that can sell your home

Keep in Mind…

Keep in mind you want any upgrades you make to attract buyers, so this isn’t a time to pick what you love. Go for simple, clean styles that make your home look modern and elegant.

Upgrade: New countertops

One of the most important areas to focus on when preparing your home for the market is the kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and where most buyers see their family spending the most time, so they tend to examine the kitchen more closely than any other room in the house.  Unless the kitchen is in dire need of a complete remodel, replacing outdated countertops with granite, marble, or an eco-friendly surface can freshen up the entire space and make it more appealing to buyers.

Upgrade: New doors

The front, back and side doors are often times one of the first things buyers see when they walk up and an old broken down door can give a bad first impression that is hard for many buyers to get past.  Replacing old doors or giving them a new coat of paint, can dramatically transform the look and feel of the home and make it more appealing.

Upgrade: Landscaping

Improving your home’s curb appeal is an easy way to attract buyers.  Remove any yard clutter, clean up the flower beds, plant flowers, and repair walkways and fences.

Upgrade: Paint

One of the best ways to brighten up both the inside and outside of your home is to give them a fresh coat of paint.  Use a neutral palette – think spa colors – to give the home a clean, modern feel.

Upgrade: Replace hardware and fixtures

Old, unattractive cabinet hardware, faucets, and light fixtures can make the home seem outdated, which is one of the fastest ways to turn off buyers.  New fixtures are an affordable way to transform the look of any space.

You want your home to shine when it hits the market, so take some time to consider some of these easy fixes to help transform the look and feel of your home and attract the perfect buyer.

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